Are Instagrammable Pop-Ups and Places Here to Stay?

Back in December, I had the opportunity to visit the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta, Georgia on its last day* of operation. The museum, which was created by Clifford Harris, Jr. (bka TIP aka TI), detailed the history of trap music and what makes this style of music so special and necessary to hip hop and popular culture. The line was wrapped around the building as ATLiens and other visitors made sure to stop by to see how The King of the South curated this special museum.

However, once I walked inside I realized that the number of people actually taking the time to read the information on the placards around the museum was slim. Most visitors were snapping photos, going live on Facebook or sharing content on their Instagram Story. The pink sedan that was made famous by 2 Chainz’s pink trap house (not to be confused with Ariana Grande’s pink house) was a fan favorite as mobs of people all tried to get a photo near (or on before they were told to get down) the car for their feed.

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